Consultancy/Research Projects

Title Type of Work Principal Investigator Co Principal Investigator Name of Sponsoring Agency Fund Started Status
A search for electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes from… Research Dr. O. P. Singh Dr. Birbal Singh MoES, Govt. of India, New Delhi Rs. 4220000.00 2016 Completed
Development of Solar & Wind Energy Based Micro-Grid and… Research Dr. Sachin Singh Dr. R. K. Singh CST UP Rs. 1532000.00 2020 Ongoing
Consultancy Project on Inspections of Electrical… Consultancy Dr. Seethalekshmi K Govt. Estate Department, U. P. Government Rs. 2850000.00 2019 Ongoing
Extraction and study of wax from the leaves of Nelumbo… Research Dr. Dhananjay Singh Dr. Pradeep Kumar UPCST 2018-19 Rs. 25000.00 2018 Completed
Consultancy for Inspection of UPS System at Data Center… Consultancy Dr. Sachin Singh Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited Rs. 100000.00 2020 Ongoing
Condition Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis in the induction… Research Kuldeep Sahay Satyendra Singh Council of Science & Technology, UP Rs. 728000.00 2015 Ongoing
A study of Schumann resonance phenomena in the earth-… Research Dr. O. P. Singh Dr. Birbal Singh DST, New Delhi Rs. 2512000.00 2011 Completed
Inspection of Electrical Works in New Buildings of Estate… Consultancy Dr. Seethalekshmi K. Dr. Sachin Singh Estate Department of Government of U.P. Rs. 2850000.00 2019 Ongoing
Security and Surveillance Robot Research Dr Parul Yadav Mr Saurabh Kumar Jha TEQIP -3 Rs. 81860.40 2019 Ongoing
Development and characterization of epoxy and waste flyash… Research Dr. Pradeep Kumar UPCST 2019-20 Rs. 20000.00 2019 Ongoing
Reward based smart waste management Using waste… Research Amit Agarwal Kuldeep Sahay AKTU Lucknow Rs. 300000.00 2019 Ongoing
Study of ULF/VLF electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes Research Dr. O. P. Singh Dr. Birbal Singh MoES, Govt. of India, New Delhi Rs. 10093000.00 2010 Completed
Control Strategy of a Wind Energy Conversion System for off… Research Dr. Hemant Ahuja Dr. Sachin Singh NPIU/MHRD Rs. 300000.00 2019 Ongoing