Er. Anand Patel

Assistant Professor (Contract)


  1. Advances in Civil and Structural Engineering - Attendee
  2. Recent Innovations in Renewable Energy Technologies and Smart Grids - Attendee
  3. Global Navigation Satellite System and Its Application - Attendee
  4. Developing Intelligent Water Infrastructure Using OpenFLOWS WaterGEMS Connect Edition - Attendee
  5. Environmental Quality Assessment : Reality and Myth - Coordinator
  6. Advances in Renewable and Bioenergy - Attendee
  7. Design of Water Retaining Structure (DWRS) - Attendee
  8. Universal human values and professional ethics - Attendee
  9. Experimental approach in analytical electrochemistry (EAAE-2017) - Attendee
  10. Sustainable wastewater and sanitization management for rural areas : Strategies issues and challenges - Attendee