Dr. Tulika Narang

Assistant Professor (Contract)


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  1. International Conference on Contemprary Computing - Attendee
  2. International Conference on Defence & Space Technologies (ICDST) - Attendee


  1. AKTU Sponsored FDP on Pedagogy - Attendee
  2. Refresher Course in Information and Communication Technology - Invited Talk
  3. AICTE Training & Learning Academy(ATAL) Academy Online FDP on Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom - Attendee
  4. Online Training Program - Attendee
  5. AICTE Training & Learning Academy(ATAL) Academy Online FDP on Aritificial Intelligence - Attendee
  6. Nasscom Webminar on AI Skills - Attendee
  7. National Webinar on Virtual Lab Attendee
  8. TEQIP3 and NPIU 2 week course on Digital Transformation in Teaching Learning Process - Attendee
  9. TEQIP-3 Technical Education Quality Improvement Program----Problem Based and Project Based Learning Attendee
  10. Training Program on UI Designing & Programming - Organizer
  11. NPTEL-AICTE FDP on Sofware Engineering(ON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF NPTEL COURSE ON Software Engineering) - Attendee
  12. NPTEL-AICTE FDP on Object Oriented Analysis & Design(ON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF NPTEL COURSE ON OOAD) - Attendee