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Vision of Department

To produce world class Mechanical Engineers, Researchers  and good human being, to contribute towards Socio-economic, environmental and technological development of nation.

Mission of Department

To make the department of Mechanical Engineering one of the best in region through

  • DM1. Producing technically sound Mechanical Engineers and Researchers.
  • DM2. Developing entrepreneurial capabilities so that they may contribute towards Socio-economic development.
  • DM3. Inculcating the good human values.


The Mechanical Engineering department is considered as the heart of the institute. The strength of the department is the highly qualified faculty which guides the students during the programme. A mechanical engineer designs, develops, operates and maintains systems required for all what happens in industry whether in a power plant, space & nuclear establishment, steel plant, military establishments or automobile industry, etc.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

1. To impart quality education in Mechanical Engineering.

2. To develop Mechanical Engineers in accordance with industrial and social needs of the country and for international market.

3. To provide opportunities for ethical, intellectual and professional development.

Core Curriculum :
The syllabus is fully updated and made according to the present day need of the industry. The department of Mechanical Engineering is embellishing the following subjects that fulfill the technology needs.

Applied Thermodynamics, Product Development and Design, Machine Design, Strength of Materials, CAD/CAM, Industrial Engineering and Management, Entrepreneurship and Project Planning, Value Engineering, Organizational Behaviours, Automation and Robotics, Finite Element Methods etc.

Laboratories :
The department provides the following labs:

  • Material Science lab
  • Measurements and Metrology lab
  • Material Testing lab
  • Machine lab
  • Thermal lab Vibration lab
  • I.C. Engine lab
  • Heat Transfer lab
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Kinematics and Dynamics of Machine lab
  • CAD/CAM lab

Department provides exposure to it's students to softwares like MATLAB, and now is in the process of procuring Pro-Engineer & Finite Element Analysis software to further horn their skills.

Programmes Offered

Programme Specialization Intake Started In
Bachelor of Technology (ME) (Regular) Mechanical Engineering 60 1985
Master of Technology (Self Financed) Mechanical Engineering 18 2014

Regular Faculty

Name Designation E-Mail
Dr. Shailendra Sinha Professor & HOD [email protected]
Dr. H K Paliwal Professor [email protected]
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Professor [email protected]
Dr. Arun Kumar Tiwari Professor [email protected]
Mr. Arun Mital Associate Professor [email protected]
Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor [email protected]

Contractual Faculty

Name Designation E-Mail
Mr. Adarsh Kumar Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Mr. Deepak Singh Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Dr. Pushpendra Pandey Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Dr. Siddharth Yadav Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Master of Technology ( Mechanical Engineering )
Name Designation E-Mail
Dr. Anurag Namdev Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]

Teaching Supporting Staff

Name Designation E-Mail
Mr. Amitesh Pandey Workshop Superintendent [email protected]
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