Dr. Nitin Anand Shrivastava

Nodal Officer (Academics) +
Warden RML Hostel +


  1. Ritika Saxena , Nitin Anand Shrivastava Optimization and Analysis of Stand-alone Hybrid Renewable Energy System, Conference, 2020, DOI : 10.1109/GCAT47503.2019.8978365
  2. Shujaat Husain , Nitin Anand Shrivastava A Comparative Analysis of Multi-objective Optimization Algorithms for Stand-Alone Hybrid Renewable Energy System, International Conference on Innovative Mechanisms for Industry Applications , 2020, DOI : 10.1109/ICIMIA48430.2020.9074903
  3. Shujaat Husain , Nitin Anand Shrivastava Stand-Alone Hybrid Renewable Energy System: Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis, International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering , 2020, DOI : 10.1109/ICE348803.2020.9122956


  1. Nitin Anand Shrivastava , Kunal Lohiya , Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi A multiobjective framework for wind speed prediction interval forecasts, renewable Energy, 2016, DOI : doi.org/10.1016/j.renene.2015.08.038


  1. International conference on Defense and Space Technologies 2019 - Attendee
  2. International conference on Innovative mechanisms for industry applications 2020 - Author


  1. Transition towards Electric vehicles and their Charging Ecosystem in India (TEVCEI-2021) - Attendee
  2. ATAL FDP "Smart Grid Technologies- II" - Attendee
  3. Typhoon HIL GmbH Training - Organizer
  4. Problem based and project based learning - Attendee
  5. Gender Sensitization and women empowerment - Attendee
  6. Review meeting and training on Goods and Consultancy as per the world bank guidelines - Attendee
  7. Seven Days Bioinformatics Skill Development Workshop - Attendee
  8. Global conference for advancement in technology - Author
  9. Smart Grid and Automation - Co-Coordinator