Dr. Parul Yadav

Warden Sarojani Hostel +


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  2. Parul Yadav , Manish Gaur A Behavioural Theory for Intrusion Detection System in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Proc. of the International Conference on High Performance Compilation, Computing and Communications, 2018, DOI : 10.1145/3195612.3195617


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  1. Parul Yadav , Brijesh Singh Yadav , Jaydeep Chandra Statistical Analysis Based Effcient Decentralized Intrusion Detection Scheme for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Proc.of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Networks, 2008, DOI : 10.1109/ICON.2008.4772601


  1. International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Applications - Co-Chair
  2. Green Computing through Adaptive Multi-core Architectures - Coordinator


  1. Pervasive use of Artificial Intelligence in Industry - Coordinator
  2. Significant role of E-education through Social Distancing during Lockdown of Covid-19 Pandemic - Invited Talk
  3. UI Designing and Programming - Coordinator
  4. Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology - Invited Talk
  5. Artificial Intelligence - Invited Talk
  6. Python Programming and Django Framework (PPDF-19) - Coordinator
  7. Python and its Applications with IOT (PAIOT-18) - Co-Coordinator
  8. Mobile Development and Applications using Android Programming (MobADAP-18) - Coordinator
  9. Data Visualization Using R - Coordinator


  • Security and Surveillance Robot, TEQIP -3, Rs. 81860.40, 2019, Ongoing