Er. Saumya Singh

Assistant Professor (Contract)


  1. Saumya Singh , Dr. Jyoti Sarup , Dr. Vivek K Katare Temporal Land Surface Temperature and its Effects on Built-up Areas using RS and GIS, INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, 2020,


  1. Modern Trends in Transportation System - Attendee
  2. Strategies and Techbiques for Influential Teaching - Attendee
  3. Indo-Russian FDP, Advancements in Earthquake Engineering - Attendee


  1. webinar series on Civil Enginering - Co-Coordinator
  2. Recent Advancements in Concrete Technoogy - Attendee
  3. ICT Tools for Teaching, Learning - Attendee
  4. Next Generation of Chemical Manufacturing and waste management - Attendee
  5. Identify Sanitation System for Large gathering: Case Study of Nirmal Vaari - Attendee
  6. Highway Infrastructure: Planning and Construction - Attendee
  7. Urban Hydrology - Attendee
  8. What Do We Teach: What Do they Learn - Attendee
  9. Prospects of Sustainability in Pavement Construction in India - Attendee
  10. Structural Health Monitoring and Seismic Protection of Structure and Infrastructural Systems (Phase I) - Attendee
  11. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Civil Engineering - Attendee
  12. Remote Sensing & GIS Technology and Applications for University Teachers & Government Officials - Attendee
  13. Internet of Things in Engineering - Attendee
  14. Applications of Repair and Rehabilitation in Bridges - Attendee
  15. AI getting used in impact of Covid-19 - Attendee
  16. Research article writing and publishing in good impact journal - Attendee
  17. GPS Signals and Errors - Attendee
  18. Recent innovation in renewable energy technologies and smart grids - Attendee
  19. Virtual Interactive classroom for teachers and the challenging technologies in post Covid-19 era - Attendee
  20. Knowledgte sharing on A to Z of journal publications - Attendee
  21. Global Navigation Satellite system and its application - Attendee
  22. Applications of Geoinformatics in Multi Discipline - Attendee
  23. Advanced Microsoft Excel - Attendee
  24. Digital Transformation in teaching learning process - Attendee
  25. practising Entrepreneurship and innovations - Attendee
  26. Advance in renewable and bioenergy - Attendee
  27. Advanced Image Analysis - Attendee