Baljeet Singh

Rapid urbanization and industrialization in Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, have led to a significant increase in wastewater generation, posing challenges to both the environment and public health. This dissertation explores the state of wastewater management in Lucknow, focusing on strategies for recycling and reusing urban wastewater. The study begins by providing an overview of the geographical and demographic context of Lucknow, emphasizing its unique heritage and growing population.

Jyoti Garg (PhD/15/ECE/2055)

1.1 Abstract The work carried out in this thesis is concerned with the design of electronic logic circuits using Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory(STT MRAM), Spin Hall Effect(SHE) assisted STT-MRAM, Memristor. The thesis presents a detailed theory about STT-MRAM, SHE and Memristor. Several initial designs and implementations, available in literature, have been discussed for an in-depth understanding of the subject.