Office of The Chief Warden

Chief Warden Dr. Neelam Srivastava [email protected]
Warden Apala Bhawan Dr. Seethalekshmi K [email protected]
Warden Arya Bhatt Hostel Dr. Pradeep Kumar [email protected]
Warden Arya Bhatt Hostel Dr. S N Mishra [email protected]
Warden Bhabha Hostel Dr. Arun Kumar Tiwari [email protected].in
Warden Gargi Bhawan Dr. Pragati Shukla [email protected]
Warden Maitreyi Hostel Dr. Neelam Srivastava [email protected]
Warden Maitreyi Hostel Dr. Pragati Shukla [email protected]
Warden Raman Bhawan - A Dr. Karunesh Kumar Singh [email protected]
Warden Raman Bhawan - B Dr. Pushkar Tripathi [email protected]
Warden Ramanujam Hostel Dr. Ram Chandra Singh Chauhan [email protected]
Warden Ramanujam Hostel Dr. Manoj Kumar [email protected]
Warden RML Hostel Dr. Nitin Anand Shrivastava [email protected]
Warden Sarojani Hostel Dr. Parul Yadav [email protected]
Warden Vishveshwarya Bhawan - A Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh [email protected]
Warden Vishveshwarya Bhawan - B Dr. Pawan Kumar Tiwari [email protected]