Er. Amit Kumar
Lab Area: 875 Sqfeet
Room Number: EC 102

Lab Faculty: Er Kiriti Prakash (Research Scholar)

Lab Assistant: Mr Kunwar Singh

Lab Staff: Mr Ashish Kumar

Courses Covered

  • KEC 354-Mini Project And Internship Assessment
  • REC 354-Electronics Workshop & PCB Design Lab
  • EC 353-Electronics Workshop & PCB Design

List of Experiments


1.         Study of CRO, DMM and Function generator.

2.          Study of various types of active and passive components based on their ratings.

3.         Winding shop: step down transformer winding of less than 5VA.

4.          Soldering shop: fabrication of dc regulated power supply.

5.          Identification of various types of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and soldering techniques.

6.         Introduction to PCB design software.

7.         PCB Lab:

  • Artwork & printing of simple PCB.
  • Etching & drilling of PCB.

8.         Wiring & fitting shop: fitting of power supply along with a meter in cabinet.


Experiments Beyond the Syllabus :

1.         Study of Step down transformer working and its result.

2.         Study of Analog and Digital multiplier with working and testing

3.         PCB design using EXPRESS PCB software for single sided and both sided.