Er Amit Kumar
Lab Area: 870 Sqfeet
Room Number: EC 104

Lab Faculty: Er Kirti Prakash (Research Scholar)

Lab Faculty: Er Pallavi Pant (Research Scholar)

Lab Instructor: Mr Kunwar Singh

Lab Staff: Mr Ashishi

Courses Covered

List of Experiments

    KIC 553 Instrumentation & Measurement Lab_2020

  • KIC 553 Instrumentation & Measurement Lab_2020
  • 1. Study of semiconductor diode voltmeter and its use as DC average responding AC Voltmeter.
    2. Study of L.C.R. Bridge and determination of the value of the given components.
    3. Characteristics of Thermocouples and RTD.
    4. Study of the following transducer (i) PT-100 Transducer (ii) J-Type Transducer (iii) KType Transducer (iv) Pressure Transducer
    5. Measurement of phase difference and frequency using CRO (Lissajous Figure)
    6. Characteristics of LDR, Photo Diode, and Phototransistor: (i) Variable Illumination. (ii) Linear Displacement
    7. Characteristics of LVDT.
    8. Study of the transistor tester and determination of the parameters of the given transistors,
    9. Design and Test a signal conditioning circuit for any transducer.
    10. Implementation of Color Sensor for differentiating frequencies Through Virtual Lab.
    11. Measurement of low resistance Kelvin’s double bridge.
    12. To measure unknown capacitance of small capacitors by using Schering’s bridge.
    13. To measure unknown Inductance using Hay’s bridge.
    14. Measurement of capacitance by De Sauty Bridge.

    Virtual Lab Link:  Available on:‐area‐electronics and‐communications


    KIC 653 Industrial Instrumentation Lab_2020

    1. Instrumentation Amplifier: Design for specific gain and verification of CMRR.
    2. Realization of PCM signal using ADC and reconstruction using DAC using 4-bit/8-bit systems. Observe the Quantization noise in each case.
    3. Study of low noise and low-frequency amplifiers for biomedical applications.
    4. Design of temperature transmitter using RTD.
    5. Design of cold junction compensation circuit. 6. Design of Linearization circuit for the thermistor.
    7. Design of pressure transmitter.
    8. Performance evaluation of pressure gauges using Dead weight tester.
    9. Measurement of level using capacitance probe, and differential pressure transmitter.
    10. Measurement of flow using orifice, electromagnetic and positive displacement flowmeters.
    11. Study of PID controllers in flow measurement.
    12. Measurement of solar energy using a sensor.
    13. Experiment using PLC Trainer Kits.
    14. Simulate and analyze the frequency domain measurement of electrical signals using a spectrum analyzer.
    15. Range finding and object detection using a detection sensor.
    16. Measurement using various sensors and analyzing the output using Virtual Instrumentation Lab-VIEW software.