Room No
Dr Subodh Wairya
Lab Area: 310 Sqfeet
Room Number: EC 312

Lab Faculty: Er Sheetal Singh (Research Scholar)

Lab Instructor: Mr PK Bhattacharya

Lab Staff: Mrs Sarita Devi

Courses Covered

KEC851 Project II_2021

MTMC251 Analog Signal Processing Lab_2016

1. Study of MOS Characteristics and Characterization 2. Design and Simulation of Single Stage Amplifiers (Common Source, Source Follower, Common Gate Amplifier) 3. Design and Simulation of Single Stage Amplifiers (Cascode Amplifier, Folded Cascode Amplifier) 4. Design and Simulation of a Differential Amplifier (with Resistive Load, Current Source Biasing) 5. Design and Simulation of Basic Current Mirror, Cascode Current Mirror 6. Analysis of Frequency response of various amplifiers (Common Source, Source Follower, Cascode, Differential Amplifier 7. Design/Simulation/Layout of Telescopic Operational Amplifier/ Folded Cascode Operational Amplifier

Session-II: Analog IC Design Laboratory-Based Modeling and Functional Simulation of the following digital circuits (with Xilinx/ ModelSim tools) using VHDL/Verilog Hardware Description Languages

1. Part – III Memories and State Machines: a. Read Only Memory (ROM), Random Access Memory (RAM), b. Mealy State Machine, Moore State Machine, c. Arithmetic Multipliers using FSMs 2. Part-IV: FPGA System Design: a. Demonstration of FPGA and CPLD Boards, b. Demonstration of Digital design using FPGAs c. CPLDs. Implementation of UART/Mini Processors on FPGA/CPLD etc
  • KEC 753 Projec_2021