Er. Vivek kumar Tripathi

Transportation Engineering laboratory has been set up to fulfil the needs of testing and researching on materials like bitumen and Aggregates.

Testing of various properties of following materials as per BIS specifications

I. Aggregate

1.To Determine the Crushing Value of Coarse Aggregates.

2. To Determine the Impact Value of Coarse Aggregates.

3. To determine the Flakiness Index and Elongation Index of Coarse Aggregates.

4. To determine the Los Angeles Abrasion Value of Coarse Aggregates.

5. To determine the Stripping Value of Coarse Aggregates.


II. Bitumen

1.To determine the penetration Value of Bitumen.

2. To determine the Softening Point of Bituminous material.

3. To determine the Ductility Value of Bituminous material.

4. To determine the Flash and Fire Point of Bituminous material.

5. To determine the Stripping Value of Bituminous material.