Er. Saumya Singh

In lab of surveyingb and Geomatics, Students learn to survey from conventional as well as contemporary methods and technology. Our Surveying labs provide students with hands-on experience using common surveying equipment.

Various Equipments we operate on are

1. Vernier & Digital Theodolite

 a) for horizontal angle Measurement

 b) Vertical Angle Measurement

 c) determining height of a vertical tower/building

2. Prismatic Compass 

   Traversing and plotting regular polygon on field

3. Total Station 

a) for Horizontal and vertical angle measurement using the instrument.

b) for Linear distances and area measurement

4. Stereoscope

    To study the stereo pairs and obtain the information using Aerial Survey

5. Auto Level

   For calculating R.L. of given set of points on the field

6. Hand held GPS & DGPS

    For precise measurement of Geographical Coordinates of the points.