Er. Abhishek Mishra

Material testing laboratory has been set up to fulfil the needs of testing and researching on various materials like Cement, Aggregates, Bricks, Steel etc. The laboratory works for the courses like Materials, Testing & Construction Practices etc. are conducted in this laboratory. It has state of the art equipment like 100 tons compression testing machine and many other apparatuses for testing of materials.


Testing of various properties of following materials as per BIS specifications

I. Cement

1. Normal Consistency of cement.

2. Initial & final setting time of cement

3. Compressive strength of cement

4. Fineness of cement by air permeability and Le-chatalier’s apparatus.

5. Soundness of cement.

6. Tensile strength

II. Coarse Aggregate

1. Water absorption of aggregate

2. Sieve Analysis of Aggregate

3. Specific gravity &bulk density

4. Grading of aggregates.

III Fine Aggregate:

1. Sieve analysis of sand

2. Silt content of sand

3. Bulking of sand

IV Bricks:

1. Water absorption.

2. Dimension Tolerances

3. Compressive strength

4. Efflorescence